Aha! See, I knew you were going to click on this article! Maybe I should be on this list.

Ranker put together this list a while back of the most famous psychics in the entire United States - and the number one spot actually went to a psychic from right here in Montana!

Danielle Egnew from Billings Was Named The Most Famous Psychic in the Country

Danielle Egnew has dabbled in some acting and writing throughout her life, but has found the most success as a psychic, making a name for herself on shows like The Road Angel and American Mystery and also working as a paranormal consultant on titles like Supernatural on The CW or the Superman movie Man of Steel.

Though the article is from 2019, it looks like Egnew just saw it - because she just posted about it on her Facebook page, saying she's "not even sure how it works," but that's it's "both fun and humbling."

(Although, being a psychic, you would think she'd already know that she was the top of the list!)

Runners-up on the list include Edgar Cayce, Gary Spivey, John Edward, and The Psychic Twins.

Honestly, they should do this kind of list more often, but keep the results a mystery and see if the psychics can figure out who's at the top. Pretty sure that was an SNL sketch a few years back, actually...

Congrats to Danielle Egnew for topping the list! For more information about her, you can check out her Wikipedia page or see what she's up to now on Facebook.

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