Yes, the twisted mind behind Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet and Wild At Heart was born right here in Missoula. In fact, David Lynch once lived at The Wilma and some of the scenes in Blue Velvet were shot in the apartments there. He spoke about it in a 2007 interview with the Missoula Independent.

I was recently watching the David Lynch episode of "Guide To Film" on Vice, where Isabella Rossellini talks about one of Lynch's childhood memories that inspired one of the nude scenes in Blue Velvet. She says that he told her that when he was a kid in Missoula, he and his brother were walking home when they saw a naked lady walking down the street. He said rather than exciting them, it made them sad because they knew something bad and violent had happened. This memory inspired the scene in Blue Velvet where Dorothy Vallens walks outside naked.

The new Twin Peaks series will debut on Showtime in 2017.


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