Let's face it. Stopping for gas can be an annoyance on a busy Montana day, and now the pumps are so advanced they are playing commercials on a screen while you fill up. The process can be a bit annoying and time-consuming. Let's introduce you to a few hacks you can use to ease the anxiety at the pump.

Look. I work in the advertising business. Yes, it's radio, but we keep our lights on by partnering with some amazing local partners to introduce you, the loyal listeners, to some great local and national products. I can't get on my high horse too much here, but I find it really annoying when I'm at the pump and a commercial starts blaring on the LED screen. Is nothing sacred anymore? Well, there is a hack for that.

Yes, you can mute your gas pump.

You know those buttons running vertically on both sides of the screen? Well, pushing one, or the right combination of two buttons will actually turn the sound off so you don't have to listen. Usually, it's just one of the buttons on the right of the screen, but it can differ. It works, and now you know this trick, you will use it every time you're filling up. I know I do.

Do you go inside to pre-pay for gas? Stop doing that.

You're next hack, might not be as useful year-round, but now that it's freezing outside, you might want this one. Pre-paying for gas has become a standard operating procedure for many years now. It can be a hassle running into the store when it's negative 20 degrees out just to put $10 on pump #5. If you would rather pre-pay right at the pump (this works great for a cash gift card that only has a set amount of money) you can. Try this. Right on the keypad type in this code: 78998 *enter. This will take you to a pre-pay prompt screen on almost any gas pump. Seriously. I tried it on the way to the studio, and here is the proof.


If the instructions are a little confusing, there are plenty of instructional videos that make it super easy.

Stopping to get gas can be a hassle, especially during a Montana winter. Hopefully, these tips make it a little easier for you, Montana.

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