Dirty Honey started this year off on a really high note. They sold out shows, were praised by a member of Aerosmith for their cover of "Last Child" and were preparing to head back to Australia to record. But, like everyone else, their plans were put on hold because of the pandemic. Luckily they were still able to make an album virtually, and guitarist John Notto recently gave us some insights on it.

When the lockdowns first started happening, Notto saw the free time as an opportunity to work on new music in his home studio. "I actually did birth a couple of riffs that made it onto the new record, so that's pretty exciting," he said.

But as the lockdown extended, the band eventually realized they weren't going to be making their way back to Byron Bay, Australia anytime soon. So, they hit up producer Nick DiDia and worked with him virtually through Zoom and other programs.

"It ended up being totally fine," the guitarist explained of doing recording the recording sessions remotely. "I don't want to promote it as being awesome too much [laughs]... But it was pretty smooth, and it was like he was there."

As for the follow-up itself, Notto admitted that the group is unsure as to whether they are going to release the full set of songs they recorded, or select just a few and put out another EP.

"There's no need anymore to put out filler. We're kind of the guys who are just like, 'So why ever put out filler then?'" he explained. "I mean I love the full album idea, but if we could wait... One thing I do have faith in us is we're not the quickest songwriters, but if we believe in an idea, we'll get it to awesome."

If you saw Dirty Honey throughout their headlining tour earlier this year, you may have heard them play a new song called "The Wire." Notto is pretty confident that that track, in particular, has a "strong chance" of making it onto the new release, so that's a bit of a sneak peak into what is to come. And if you were a fan of the classic rock sound that their first EP had, you'll be happy to know that the guitarist doesn't see them evolving it much anytime soon.

"I think you'll hear a similar sound coming from us for a long time," he assured.

While Notto wasn't able to offer a timeline of release just yet, we can definitely anticipate to hear it sometime in 2021. For more updates on the style of the album and what to expect, watch the full interview above.

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