Here at our Missoula radio stations we normally don't prank our co-workers when they are on vacation. Mostly because we work in shared studios so if you prank a co-worker most likely you are also pranking yourself at the same time. Although my wife works at Missoula Surgical Associates and her co-workers aren't as lucky.

I have witnessed the front desk lady rearranging the letters on a co-workers keyboard, I thought this was hilarious! The one that happened this week, happened because my wife decided to pull a prank.


My wife Savannah decided to use quite a few post it's and made a nice collage all over her co-workers desk. She did something special and wrote little notes on each one of the post it's, regardless that is probably not what her co-worker wanted to return to see after vacation. As you can see with these pranks no one got hurt and no property was ever damaged. Remember if you are going to pull a prank at work make sure it doesn't damage anything or hurt anyone's feelings.

Are office pranks allowed at your work? What is the best prank you have seen pulled off in an office setting?


    Watch Out For A Skittle BOMB!

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