Election day is almost here, and I am so ready for this circus to be over. It has been a nightmare of an election year. As millions of Americans get set to go to the polls, the question always gets brought up. "Does my vote really count?"

It has always bothered me when people say they didn't vote, because it wouldn't matter. Voting is one of the things we have here in the U.S.A. that is one of the best parts of being an American. The one thing that does bug me, is the electoral college. Basically, it doesn't matter what the popular vote is. The electoral college will vote for whomever they want.

But, according to Wikipedia

The appropriateness of the Electoral College system is a matter of ongoing debate. Supporters argue that it is a fundamental component of American federalism. They maintain the system elected the winner of the nationwide popular vote in over 90% of presidential elections; promotes political stability; preserves the Constitutional role of the states in presidential elections; and fosters a broad-based, enduring, and generally moderate political party system.

Montana has a whopping 3 electoral votes. While California has 55 electoral votes. Meaning Californians have more of a say in who should run the country than us here in Montana. I mean. C'mon MAN! Florida gets 29 electoral votes. Do we really trust the fate of our nation to the people who are consistently making headlines in the Worlds Dumbest Criminals.

The following video sums up pretty nicely how the system is goofy.

Regardless on how you feel. VOTE! It is one of the rights that we as Americans cannot neglect.


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