Have you heard of Missoula's rage room that opened about six months ago? Unhinged is a must-visit destination if you want to release a little stress - and who doesn't have just a bit of that built up over the last 12 months? It basically works like this.....you make a reservation, put on some protective gear, and you start smacking the chicken out of glass objects, electronics, and anything else breakable while you release your inner rage.

I guess one of the main parts of keeping a rage room open for business would be to always have a variety of options available for smashing. And what better way to stay stocked up than having people donate breakable items they no longer want? I ran across an online post last week where the owner of Unhinged was looking for any glassware that people might be ready to part with.

Glassware...plates, cups, bottles of any kind. 
Hey neighbors, I own Unhinged, Missoula's rage room and we are looking for any and all glassware that people need to get rid of!! If you or anyone you know have anything breakable you/they have been waiting to get rid of, we would absolutely love to take it off your/their hands!!

It seems like a perfect situation - people can avoid finding a way to get rid of unwanted items and Unhinged can stock their rooms for future destruction. If you have glassware, windows, electronics, old tv's, toilets, or any other breakables, you can reach out to Unhinged through Facebook, emailing unhinged.missoula@gmail.com, by calling (406) 273 8578, or through their website.

If you're looking to break some stuff - Unhinged has a variety of packages that range from $15 to $75 and include different lengths of time and amounts of breakables.

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