At first glance, it looks like nothing interesting. Just a parking lot filled with dirty old cars that shiould probably head to a junkyard. But look closer…closer… okay, enough! See it?

Vampire Blood Service

Looks like Dracula is getting lazy. That, or perhaps he’s just sick and tired of murdering people… in which case good for you dude!

After years of the killing and biting and horrid tooth aches, he’s ready to hang up his cape and take a drive in his — what looks like a 1989 Ford — jalopy to get a fix.

The above photo was taken outside of an Australian Red Cross building, which makes us wonder two things: 1 – had Dracula been set in the home of Outback Steakhouse (kidding) rather than Transylvania would he still be as scary? And 2 – why on Earth does this person have that license plate? Unless they’re either the star of HBO’s ‘True Blood’ — and from the vehicle we can safely and successfully guess they aren’t — or they’re the person who actually takes the blood from people, we can’t think of a viable solution for them to have it.

If only there were a photo of the driver to help us. We can only pray that it’s someone who is pale, tall, gothic … oh, and who has fangs.

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