The road can be a dangerous place, and DragonForce's Marc Hudson recently found himself in a scary situation that could've turned out much worse. According to Blabbermouth, Hudson is currently sporting a sling to hold his arm after he was forced to jump out of a moving vehicle in a bizarre incident.

This past Tuesday (June 27), the band was loading up their equipment in a trailer attached to a van as they were set to leave Brisbane en route to their next show. As the packing was nearly done, Hudson sat in the van, while Frederic Leclerq and Sam Totman stood in the back doorway of the vehicle. But the van was parked on a steep hill, and it wasn't long until the brakes started squeaking the van started to roll. Leclerq and Totman were able to step right out, but Hudson had already put his seat belt on and had to get free before being able to make his escape.

According to the report, drummer Gee Anazlone tried to run after the vehicle and put the handbrake on, but it didn't work as the van was already going too fast. Hudson tried as well, and with the van heading off toward an intersection, the singer eventually made his escape jumping out before the van crashed into a tree. The van was said to be going 30 miles per hour when Hudson jumped out.

The singer was treated at the local hospital for two potential broken ribs, a sprained shoulder and some cuts and bruises, but he later joined his bandmates in Christchurch and the group did not miss a show. Watch footage of Hudson playing with a sling above.

Having finished their run in Australia and New Zealand, DragonForce are returning stateside for dates later this month. See all of their scheduled stops here.

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