Who doesn't love a good laugh? I mean the world has been on fire for a few years, I think we could all use one. Good thing The Ole Beck VFW has your back with "Drink And Debate" Comedy.

This might be the first time you've hears of this kind of comedy show, but I assure you, it won't be the last. This is so much fun. Here is the setup.Two comedy teams will face off against each other in three alcohol-fueled rounds of debate.The topic of debate will be totally random, so the comedians will have to bring their wit, personality, and whatever sobriety they have in the tank to win over the crowd because they will be the judges.  Now you're thinking "oh ya this is going get out of hand really fast" and trust me, it will. All bets are off when it comes to what I call "booze comedy". After three rounds one of the teams will be crowned "Master Debator" (pun intended, obviously). Your host will be comedian Deece Casillas.This will be a 21+ event due to the adult content and alcohol. Make sure to get your tickets early as this show will sell out fast and space is limited. Check out the full details below

Date: July 16th

Time: 8:00 pm - 9:30pm

Location: Ole Beck VFW, 245 W Main Street, Missoula Montana

Ticket Cost:  $15.00

Tickets can be purchased at the door, or online HERE.

Be sure to check out their event page on Facebook for any changing details.

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