As we get ready to celebrate Saint Patrick ridding the "Emerald Isle" of snakes. We here in America are always looking for a good reason to drink. It is a holiday that was created to give the good Irish Catholics a day off from Lent. 

In America, the tradition of eating corned beef and cabbage has actually got more of an influence from Jewish culture than Irish. But mostly it is a reason to celebrate Irish heritage and get annihilated.

During the big wave of Irish immigration back in the 1800's, a lot of immigrants settled in Boston. And a lot of them also ended up in Butte, MT. Butte used to be considered the most densly poppulated Irish community in the country.

Today I give you one of my favorite videos from a group of Irish punks out of Boston. As for the origin of their name. According to The Dropkick Murphys former band member Marc Orrell has said:

The Dropkick Murphy will come and get you if you don't go to sleep tonight. It's a rehab center, I think it's in Connecticut. I think it was the guy who used to come around late at night for all the drunks, like if you were too drunk to drive home, he would come and get you and put you in this hole that you couldn't get out until you were sober enough, I don't know. There's a bunch a stories, it's also a boxer, a bunch of things, a rehab center in Connecticut, grandparents used to scare kids with it