Limousine jumps, people lighting themselves on fire, bare-knuckle boxing, and Everclear. Where else but Butte, America, would this party take place? Great googly moogly.

When I first heard that Everclear would be playing in Butte, it really didn't surprise me. These guys have been going strong on tour and writing hits since the 90s. Formed in Portland Oregon, Everclear seems to always have a special place in their heart for not only Montana but Missoula as well. As it turns out they will be heading one of the absolute craziest festivals/parties I've ever heard about. Seriously. I can't make this up. Taking place this August is the Brawls and Kickstart days. Let's break this down.

                         BRAWLS AND KICKSTART DAYS

When: August 4th and 5th

Where: Butte Depot, 818 S Arizona Avenue

August 4th

4 pm: Doors

5 pm: Kamakazi Kid! - A pyromaniac that will be lighting himself on fire for your enjoyment

7 pm: Bareknuckle Boxing

8:30 pm: "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Nirvana cover band.

August 5th

4:00 pm: Doors open

5:00 pm: Kamakazi Kid! - The same pyromaniac will be lighting himself on fire (that is if he's not blown apart from the day before)

6:00 pm: Mr. Dizzy - Mr. Dizzy will try and break the Guiness Record for jumping a full-sized limousine 140 feet.

7:00 pm: Knievel Daredevil (live music)

8:30 pm: Everclear! Yes. Alt-rock hero Everclear will be taking the stage to close out this absolutely bat-guano party.

Tickets are available right now online. They range from $20 - $600 for a group VIP experience (not including fees)

There ain't no party like a Butte, America party. All I can say is have fun and have bail money ready. This is going to be insane.


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