At around 6:30 Tuesday night, Missoula Police responded to a call from a local motel in the 1100 block of West Broadway. The hotel called 911 because a man was trying to force entry into one of the rooms. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh says officers immediately recognized the male from a partner or family member assault complaint earlier that same day.

“The male was apparently trying to get into the room where his significant other had barricaded herself,” said Welsh. “The officers learned that he is on probation. They contacted the probation officer who advised that this male had actually absconded from probation and authorized an arrest. The officers also noticed the male was extremely intoxicated which appeared to be a violation of his probation.”

According to Welsh, the male fought with officers when they tried to arrest him.

“The male is 24-year-old Fernando Bautista,” Welsh said. “He immediately began to resist and fight with the officers. At one point he grabbed an officer’s shirt collar in front of his neck and actually applied pressure to his throat. He also kicked him in the hip before he was placed in handcuffs and taken into custody.”

Welsh says Bautista is charged with felony assault on a police officer as well as a felony probation violation.

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