You thought toll booths and parking meters were bad. In Germany, the Government charges you for "handskis". The cure for our recession. Listen up Nevada! Germany has legalized prostitution. But they take it to the next level by "taxing ass".  I think them sauerkraut eating, Hasselhoff loving peeps got something going with this one.

According to "The city of Bonn, Germany, collected around $250,000 last year from prostitution taxes paid via automated curbside pay stations or "sex meters." Under the new program, sex workers are required to purchase tickets to work the streets at night, the Associated Foreign Press reports.

While a number of other German cities collect taxes from prostitutes working in brothels, Bonn became the first city to extend general prostitution taxes to workers soliciting clients on the street when it introduced the sex meters last August, according to the AFP.

The sex meters charge prostitutes a flat nightly rate of $8.65 for the right to solicit clients on the street between 8:15 p.m. and 6 a.m., according to The New York Times. City estimates place the number of sex workers at around 200, with about 20 of them working the streets on any given night."

It sounds kind of "spendy"  if you think about the cost to install the "meters". They average around $12,000 a piece plus the wages they pay the security guards to protect the "workers". also reports: "Germany legalized prostitution in 2002 as part of an effort to regulate the financial working conditions of prostitutes, Francesca McCaffery explained in The Utopianist.

McCaffery is not convinced the legalization has actually helped the lives of sex workers, but is not ruling out the possibility that it will in the future.

"It is commendable, certainly, for these governments to work to improve and legitimatize the life of a prostitute. But sex workers continue to be ostracized, exploited, and abused," McCaffrey wrote in The Utopianist. "Perhaps ... prostitution will continue to become more legitimized, better tolerated, and better understood. Until then, others continue to fear that the laws help mask a harsh reality that persists beyond a veneer of legality."

Gotta do what you gotta do. Get those tax dollars however you can. Sex sells. Tax the hell out of it. Just like legalizing marijuana.