With the way the world is today, just imagine what it is like to be in law enforcement. It seems like the world is just getting crazier each day, yet they are there trying to hold it all together. Law enforcement is a tough career. But a very rewarding career as well. I'm sure the amount of stories that a seasoned veteran of the police department could share would fill volumes of books. But, eventually, all good stories come to an end.

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For Officer Ross Colyer, of the Missoula Police Department, his final day on the job was a good one. Officer Colyer recently announced his retirement after 11 years with the Missoula PD. Officer Colyer signed off for the final time this past week, while surrounded by friends and family.


The 10-10 sign-off is something that law enforcement must do at the end of every shift. This tells dispatch that they are officially OFF DUTY.

According to a message from the Missoula Police Department on social media

After over 11 years of unwavering dedication to our community, Officer Colyer has retired from the Missoula Police Department.
Thank you, Officer Colyer, for your tireless commitment, bravery, and service. Your presence has touched countless lives, and your absence will be felt by all of us.

Seeing this makes me want to reconsider my career choice. Do you mean to tell me that I could retire and play shuffleboard in Miami right now if I got a job in law enforcement years ago?

Congratulations Officer Colyer on your retirement. Thank you for your service to the Missoula community. Enjoy your well-deserved time with your family.

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