For Halloween, we did back to back songs from your favorite bands and artists throughout the holiday weekend, and you loved it, so we're stoked to bring you a "Second Helpings" weekend for Turkey Day! Double shots will begin on Thursday at 10 a.m. and run all the way through Sunday at midnight. Be here all weekend for back to back songs from your favorite bands, and sometimes, even triples.

The next double shots weekend to look forward to is our "Christmas Block Party" coming up on Christmas Day, which falls on a Friday this year, and runs through that weekend.

And if you need some ideas on what to do with all that turkey while you're enjoying our Second Helpings weekend, here are some recipes we typically go with at our house. These aren't technical recipes by any stretch, just something to spark ideas beyond a cold turkey sandwich.

Hot Turkey Sammy - Get that bomb ass Texas Toast bread, or use your leftover buns. Cut up turkey and warm it up with the gravy and pour over bread.

Turkey Ala King (as mentioned in "A Christmas Story") - Mix flour, butter, and milk into a white sauce, cut up turkey meat and throw it in. Keep stirring or it will become paste. While that's warming up, throw some instant rice in the microwave, make some frozen peas too, if you're into it.

Turkey Casserole - Literally all of the leftovers, even the cranberry sauce, in a casserole dish, be sure you've got some gravy or broth to keep it moist, throw it in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes.

Turkey Soup - Don't throw away your turkey carcass, save it. When you're ready, boil the meat off and strain. Add chicken broth, butter, celery, carrots, parsley, onion, and boil those twisty egg noodles into it.

Turkey Pot Pie - Depending on what kind of crust you like, you can use those pre-rolled pie crusts that come two in a box, or make a Bisquick topping. Mix diced turkey with frozen peas, carrots, and green beans. Whip up a gravy with butter, flour, chicken broth, milk, and onions. Put one crust on the bottom and one on top, or, pour your veggie and gravy mix into a casserole dish, cover with the Bisquick biscuit batter, and bake. This one shouldn't have to stay in the oven long, refer to your Bisquick box or keep an eye on it.

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