With Wes Anderson’s tenth feature-length film The French Dispatch hitting theaters this October, it’s high time we look back on the director’s illustrious — if not polarizing — career. Even the name “Wes Anderson” elicits a visceral response in moviegoers. Anderson has a distinct visual style like no other, characterized by meticulous symmetry, carefully curated color palettes, and deadpan performances from a recurring roster of actors. For some, his quirkiness can be off putting. Others can’t get enough.

But Anderson’s movies don’t just serve as fare for hipsters and film snobs. From delightful animated comedies to sardonic family dramas, there’s something in Anderson’s filmography for just about everyone. But which Wes Anderson film is the best of the best?

It should first be said that Anderson hasn’t ever released a really bad movie — a lot of it is a matter of subjective taste. Sure, some titles are definitely stronger than others, and there are even a select few that flopped at the box office. But for better or for worse, the Texas native has always had plenty of panache that has earned him respect over the years. His directorial flourishes have given him a reputation as an auteur with a singular method that’s all his own. So much so, that numerous creators have found ways to parody his style (most notably, this SNL skit about a Wes Anderson-directed horror film).

Below, we’ve ranked every one of Anderson’s films from not-so-great to outstanding. While everyone is bound to have a favorite for their own personal reasons, here’s our list of movies ordered from the worst to the absolute best.

Every Wes Anderson Film, Ranked

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