Missoula School District One released a statement regarding former Missoula Sentinel High School principal Tom Blakely on Monday afternoon, according to District Communications Director Hatton Littman.

Tom Blakely, former Principal of Sentinel High School, submitted his resignation from MCPS on Monday, September 22, 2014. Blakely’s resignation is effective June 30, 2015; he will remain on leave for the remainder of the school year as part of a structured retirement agreement with the school district. 

The settlement agreement between Missoula County Public Schools ( MCPS) and former Sentinel Principal Tom Blakely requires that Mr. Blakely will retire and sever his employment relationship with MCPS at the conclusion of this contract year. The balance due Mr. Blakely for the remainder of his contract is $90,473. 

MCPS appreciates the public’s patience during this difficult time. The District continues to balance the public’s right to know with the individual rights of privacy. The District is also bound by state and federal law, specifically MCA 20-4-203, 20-3-324(1), 39-31-303(2), 20-1-101(15), (26).

Blakely and former assistant principal Libby Oliver were both removed from their positions at Sentinel High School after an incident occurred in late August in which the two violated school policy. The actual cause of the suspensions has never been made public, however, as the prepared statement reads, the two individuals are entitled to their privacy.

Oliver is now an assistant principal at Missoula Hellgate High School.


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