Autumn in Montana gives us so many reasons not to want to show up for work. Here are some top motives for calling your boss and faking a cold to get the day off.

We've all done it. You wake up in the morning and just have that "I'm not going to work today" attitude. Maybe you just want a day off to lay on the couch and binge a Netflix series (go ahead, you've earned it) or maybe it's because there is something better to do than making your corporate overlord more money.

Hunting Season: In Montana, this might as well be a 3 month holiday. I've been taking time off to hunt since I was old enough. Growing up in a small town there would be days when half of the class was missing during hunting season. Let's face it, you probably aren't getting paid enough to live in Montana as it is, so supplementing your food income by taking a day or two off from work just makes fiscal sense.

Yard Work: Before the snow flies you need to get that yard maintenance done ASAP. Getting the leaves raked and bagged, blowing out the underground sprinkler lines so they don't freeze, etc. It's a huge pain in the old keester, but if you pay someone to do it, chances are it's going to cost you more than a day's wage at work. You might as well call in sick to get it done yourself.

You Are Sick: Why lie? I mean cold and flu season is right around the corner, and if Covid has taught us anything, we cannot be showing up to work when we are legitimately sick. My grandfather used to say "Well you can be sick and stay at home and not make any money, or you can be sick at work and make money". That doesn't apply anymore when other people's lives are at stake. If you're sick, use your sick days and stay home.

Mental Health: Hey, the world has been on fire for a few years. Mentally everyone is just drained. Did you know that Montana has a city with the highest depression rate in the nation, and we are third in the highest suicide rate?! We need to take better care of our mental health, and there is no shame in that. If you are feeling burned out and on edge, let your boss know. If they have a problem with that, it might be time to find a healthier working environment.

Fall/Winter Activities: It might not be snowing and freezing cold right now, but trust me, it's on the way. Faking a sick call to hit the slopes, go sledding, or ice fishing is a Montana right of passage. Even if you get busted, the boss should understand because they are probably doing it too.


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