For anyone who has ever lived in, or even just visited Montana, it wouldn't be hard to believe that our majestic state could save a life. On Monday, I read a touching recount of a life saved, it was a post on one of the many Montana enthusiast Facebook pages. There are a bunch of them, most have been plagued by people arguing about politics and horse medicine. But this post was a treat. And don't gimme any of that "we're full, go back to where you came from" crap.

The mother of several children, including a 10-year-old son, shared a heartfelt story explaining how ill her boy has been since birth. He was a premie born at just 1 pound. He's got a slew of medical conditions including a serious anaphylaxis disorder, autism, and intellectual disorders. He takes a "ton" of medications just to stay out of the hospital, and the family often experiences "scares" of having to rush him to the hospital for one reason or another.

After one of his recent discharges from the ICU, the parents decided to take the family on vacation to the place where they had honeymooned a decade and a half ago, Seeley Lake. They wanted to just relax and take in the views. What they weren't expecting is for their son to begin to physically heal. He improved so much every day that they were in Montana, that he got off ALL of his meds and had zero visits to the hospital. You have GOT to read her post in its entirety, but they sold their house in South Carolina and moved to Montana to allow their son to live a better life.

Is it our healing air? The much felt good vibes of our amazing residents? The inspiring views? No one can say for sure, but this family is most certainly convinced that they have experienced a miracle right here in the Big Sky state.

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