On July 5th, Missoula's legendary Diamond Bar Meats announced on social media that they are closing their doors after 57 years. The good news is, this isn't another casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic, the owners are simply retiring. As you can see in their original post, the owners considered selling, but in the end, decided to close up shop and spend their time enjoying a much deserved retirement.

Since then, lines have been seen at their 1500 South Russell Street location. Some stopping in to buy anything that is left, others just popping in to offer their thanks for so many years of friendship and quality service. If you grew up in Missoula, you likely enjoyed their fat, red dogs, awesome stuffed pork chops and huge slabs of jerky at one point or another. For many families, pay day meant a trip to Diamond Bar to fill up the freezer.

One fan of the store posted on a popular Missoula Facebook page that we should show our thanks for the many years of service and memories by gathering in their parking lot this Friday, July 31st (the final day their doors will be open) at 4 p.m. for a round of applause. Others on the page pointed out that gathering might not be the best option during COVID times, and that if you do opt to do so, you should stay socially distanced and masked. And all agreed that driving by for a farewell honk around 4 p.m. this Friday was perfectly acceptable. No matter how you decide to say goodbye, we bid a  congratulatory farewell to a Missoula icon.

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