What may be the weirdest season of NFL game play ever comes to an end as we have our two contenders for the "Big Game." The pandemic had teams sitting out, make up games being played in the middle of the day on a random weekday, players suffering from COVID-19, and teams playing in empty stadiums. So we're kind of glad it's over, must mostly sad as we bid Farewell to Football for the regular season.

Starting on Friday, February 5th (also known as "Medicine At Midnight Day") at 3 p.m., we'll be scoring all weekend, with safeties, field goals, and even touchdowns (with missed extra point, extra point and two point conversions) all weekend long.  For those that don’t know football, that would be blocks of 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8 in a row from the same artist. It's gonna be a good time, and a fun way to celebrate one of our favorite weekends of the year, so don't miss it!

This will be the first time a team has played the Big Game in their own stadium, and the 10th Big Game for Tom Brady. We're looking forward to seeing if Mahomes can pull off another win. We remember last year saying that he was the only person in America to have a good 2020. Game day is Sunday, February 7th, and we're wondering if there will be any good commercials at all, considering that a lot of major advertisers like Budweiser are skipping game day ads to contribute funds to COVID-19 relief.

OK, two questions. Who will win, Tampa Bay or Kansas City? And, will coaches keep wearing masks, even in non-COVID times, instead of holding their clipboards in front of their faces?

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