Three new mayors in the Bitterroot Valley following Tuesday's municipal elections.

In Hamilton, Dominic Farrenkopf defeated Travis Martinez. Stevensville's mayor will be Brandon Dewey, who outpolled James Crews and Mark Adams. And, in Darby, Willard Buck Titus defeated J.C. McDowell.

The Corvallis School levy passed by a large margin. With 44 percent of the registered voters casting ballots (both absentee and at the polling place Tuesday) the vote was 1,527 in favor of the land purchase and 804 against.

The Unofficial final numbers:
Dominic Farrenkopf 893
Travis Martinez 361
Ward 1
Kristi Bielski 232
Eric Monson 193
Ward 2
Rod Pogachar 273
Ward 3
Ken Bell 155
Claire Kemp 263

JC McDowell 67
Willard Buck Titus 174
Ward 1
George M Cuff 104
Ward 2 (full Term)
George Costello
Ward 2 (unexpired)
Jasen Lewis 39
Bret Rider 66
At Large
Bill DeSpain 118
Pamela Hart-Schlapman 103

Mark Adams 96
James Crews 174
Brandon Dewey 221
Ward 1
Robin Holcomb 122
Laura Miller 87
Ward 2
Jerry Phillips 106
Raymond Smith 121

Corvallis School levy
For - 1,527
Against 804

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