One of Missoula's favorite gyms has been put on the market for sale. Here are the details.

When I first moved to Missoula around 2004 one of the first things I did was search out a local, affordable gym. Something clean, close, and had late hours. I was extremely pleased when I found Gold's Gym. It was conveniently located right off Reserve street, only minutes away from my work. They had an incredible promotion going on at the time. I signed up with no contract, extra fees, or high-pressure sales for $20 a month. Yes, $20 a month. I held that membership for over 10 years before moving and my price never changed. Then when I moved back, they gave me back the exact same deal. That's unheard of. The real sale for me was they were open 24 hours. I like working out when it's empty, late at night, and all the machines and weight racks are open.

I was extremely sad to hear the owners are now offering Ridge Fitness (the gym changed its name a few years ago, but it's stayed just as awesome) for sale. Here are the details.

Ridge Fitness Purchase Price: $500,000

Lease Price: First Three Months Are Free - 12K A Month Following

Current Membership Count: 1000

The owners, Andrew and Brandon, have owned the gym since 1999. At the time there were only about 3 main gyms in Missoula. They had a goal to provide a clean, safe, affordable gym for local Missoulians. Now after more than 20 years, they are looking to pass on the business to someone that can usher in a new generation.

A quick note to the next person in line that does buy it. Please don't change anything. I understand needing to raise membership fees. I'm talking about being a 24-hour gym with great equipment, personal workout classes, and a welcoming environment.

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