Fear Factory are currently in the midst of an Australian headlining run and fans who will be seeing the industrial powerhouse should count themselves among the fortunate. On June 5, guitarist and founder Dino Cazares sustained an injury to his right foot, forcing him to be resigned to a chair for the next four shows, but the shows will go on!

The band posted an update on their Facebook page, showing Cazares' foot wrapped in a bandage following their Melbourne gig. After seeking medical attention, the guitarist was advised not to put any pressure on the foot for two weeks as he had torn a muscle in his right foot. Taking the news with a sense of humor, they mused, "Dave Grohl, we need to borrow your throne." The full post and photos can be seen below.

With two more shows slated for Australia, Fear Factory will then head to South Africa for a pair of performances. Spending the rest of the summer on the road, the influential outfit will be making the rounds at a number of festivals both stateside and overseas. For a list of upcoming fests, head to our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Festivals.

As they joked, Dave Grohl's guitar throne is once again in demand, though they will have to pry it from Axl Rose first. The singer broke his foot performing with Guns N' Roses at their first show unveiling the new lineup at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. Rose is on the mend, however, standing up sporadically during his performances fronting AC/DC, hoping to shed the boot cast and throne altogether.

Fear Factory's latest album, Genexus, was released in 2015. The record, their ninth studio effort, landed at No. 37 on the Billboard 200.

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