Metal industrialists Fear Factory will be releasing a new record in 2019. According to singer Burton C. Bell, the album has been completed and delivered to the record label.

After a short hiatus following Fear Factory’s Transgression album, the band came roaring back in 2010 with Mechanize. The Industrialist and Genexus followed, and this next release will be FF’s fourth studio album of the decade.

"Fear Factory has a record done. It's delivered to the label. We're just waiting for some legal technicalities. The record will be out next year,” Bell reveals to M.I.R.P. The “label” is most likely Nuclear Blast, as 2015’s Genexus was the first Fear Factory release on their contract.

"Putting out that [Genexus] was just positive all the way around, which just makes us drive even further and drive even harder," Bell told Kilpop in 2017. “Now we've been working on a new album. All the new songs, I say, in my opinion, are even stronger than Genexus, 'cause it just seems even more tight. We're on a groove, and it's kicking ass."

More recently, Burton C. Bell contributed to Ministry’s Amerikkant album, reciting spoken-word parts on “Wargasm.”

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