Thanks to Imagination Games, fans of E.L. James' hit series of erotic novels can now indulge their Inner Goddess with the new 'Fifty Shades of Grey' board game. Yes, this is a real thing that is happening. 

The game encourages friends to ask one another a series of increasingly racy questions. But get your mind out of the gutter -- the purpose is all about having fun and a few laughs with your clothes on. Though should a fan want to play with their significant other, they can purchase the more, uh, hands-on "Red Room Expansion Pack" which is based on Christian Grey's "playroom" in the series and will leave both parties giggling and blushing.

However, it would be hilarious to see the scandalized look on the general public faces if the following five questions ever did make it into the game packet. Perhaps some fearless Ana Steele wannabes will be brave enough to include them in the game as they seek to make their BFFs or their own personal Christian Grey turn bright red!

1. Time to Incorporate the Spinning Wheel!

Spinning Wheel

We have no idea how they'd include a wheel with this game and if you already have one, we'd really prefer not to know, but it would be amusing if one of the questions had some poor unsuspecting player get on a wheel and be spun around by their partner. (Hey, the game of Life had a spinning wheel...) Make sure you have some anti-vertigo medications on hand, too.

2. Cable Ties for Everyone!

Hands Tied Up With Ribbon

Okay, we understand if people can't get their hands on a cable tie, but we wouldn't be surprised if the game had their partners being playfully tied up with a scarf or other soft and non-harmful material to see how long they can stand staying in that position. However, players should have some scissors handy in case anyone gets stuck. The last thing you want to do is to have to take your tied up friend to the hospital due to lack of circulation. Try explaining that one to the nurse.

3.  Plotting Strange Make-Out Spots

Couple Kissing on an Elevator

In the books, Ana and Christian have a hot and heavy make-out session in an elevator. Now, fans of the books can get a good laugh out of embarrassing their significant others by plotting strange make-out spots inside and outside their house. (In the line at Target, perhaps?) Bonus points if they actually do so while playing the game.

4. Blindfolds, Anyone?

Woman Wearing Blindfold

Blindfolds are another toy in Christian Grey's collection, so it would make sense in the game if fans could blindfold their significant others with an item like a scarf as they ask them more and more personal (and probably embarrassing) questions. It would also make the perfect opportunity for a hilarious Facebook photo to blackmail them with later. We're just sayin'.

5. Surfing the Crimson Wave

Heart Made of Tampons

In an infamous scene that either grossed out or intrigued some fans, Christian Grey removes a tampon before he and Ana have their bathroom alone time. We're guessing '50 Shades' fans will ask a series of questions to find out if bedroom activities while Aunt Flow is visiting gets a yay or nay from the other players. What? If you're playing this game, there's probably not that much that shocks you.

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