I have had the title of "Dad" for well over 9 years now. So far, Father's Day has been pretty cool. My only requirement for the day is that we do something outside and it has got to be "Guy Stuff." That can be anything really. Fishing is always a perfect way to spend a day outside. Then again you can always go play in the mountains and shoot guns. Or maybe buy your "ol'man" a big steak and do some grilling? For me, I love flinging arrows at 3-dimensional foam animal targets. That's right, my family enjoys using our childhood imagination and pretending we are on a safari. Hunting everything from deer and elk to mutant mosquitoes, dinosaurs, and even Bigfoot. Not to mention the nearly 10-foot-tall bear.


The Five Valley's Archery Club has got the best of both categories, something outside and "guy stuff." Camping and 80 3-D archery targets to shoot. The 42nd annual BEAR SHOOT is happening Father's Day weekend at Clearwater Junction, June 18 and 19. It is a two-day archery event with 40 targets on Saturday and Sunday. What better way to do "Dad stuff" with the kids than a little outdoor adventure?

Registration starts at 7 a.m. Saturday and Sunday (6/18-19) or pre-register Friday night.

Adults (both days) $40 or $28 per day

Youth (both days) $35 or $25 per day

Cubs (both days) FREE

Concessions will be provided by our buddy Fred at Wild Weenie.

Tons of Giveaways and Raffles, INCLUDING TAG SOUP!

This event has become a family tradition for many Montana families over the last four decades. I guarantee Dad will have a blast camping and shooting archery with the family.

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