We are pumped to have Scott Ian back in town for the upcoming SLAYER/ANTHRAX show. Never would we have thought that either of the 2 bands would stop in Missoula, let alone both at the same time. It is a dream come true. As we gear up for the SOLD OUT show at the Wilma, we look back on the time that Scott Ian stopped by the Blaze studio. Scott's side project, The Damned Things, was in town for a LIVE show with Volbeat. Hear Scott talk Missoula, from a 2011 episode of the Rockstar Radio Show.

Note: Scott was so impressed with Missoula, after the Damned Things performed, that he tweeted "Missoula, Montana you are the craziest loudest f**kers, It was like 1987 tonight. Just f**king insane. Thank You! Gotta bring Anthrax here."

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