As of Tuesday morning the flood watch remains in effect for the Clark Fork River, flood stage is 10 feet, it's currently at 9.7 feet.  The weather service is predicting that the Clark Fork will reach flood stage early Thursday morning.  For more info you can call 258-4636

Monday, our news guy, Peter Christian, reported:

According to the National Weather Service, a flood watch is issued when rivers and streams are nearing their banks and residents close by need to begin preparing for a flood…a flood warning is issued when flooding is imminent and it may be too late for precautions. According to Dan Zumpf, chief forecaster for the National Weather Service in Missoula..a flood watch is now in effect for the Clark Fork river above Missoula and for the Fisher river near Libby, while a flood warning is in effect for the Yaak river in Northwest Montana and the Thompson river near Thompson Falls. My interview with Mr. Zumpf is attached.

For more flooding information, call the Missoula County emergency information line at 258-i-n f o, that’s 258-4636.

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