I will admit I have had some pretty amazing days fly fishing, and nothing may compare to the bull trout on the Blackfoot, but this Saturday evening and Sunday morning opening weekend on the Beaverhead proved to be one of my favorite fly fishing trips.

I guess on opening weekend they limit what they allow as far as guides and outfitters, but I was not prepared for how many people would be there. I have heard of combat fishing and I guess I am pretty lucky to never have really dealt with that. I was warned it would be busy and Saturday afternoon it sure was but Sunday morning early was really mellow.

It was literally a person in every hole near the campground and we even went a ways away and it was busy, we saw a guy post up in a hole and just kill it. I caught one the first night then we got up early the next day and went to that same spot and just slayed them! I feel so blessed to not only live here but be surrounded by good people who want to show you the ropes and want to have good company.

There were a lot of Brown Trout in there! Also some big Rainbows. Didn't catch any cutties but my friend caught a huge Whitefish. It was hard fishing for these ones, as the river is closed all winter this is the first time these fish are seeing all these different bugs anglers are throwing. Mainly nymphing although we saw a lot of risers. They are small nymphs and so that is a challenge getting a good set with those tiny hooks.

It was such a great experience I am so thankful for making the drive. I ended up driving 7.5 hours plus from Missoula to past Craig, to 30 miles past Dillon back to Missoula... and it was all worth it.

Just in 4 or 5 hours Saturday I had about 11 fish on for sure and 5 to the net! It was a grand day. They were all good size fish too!

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