America has a 90 day emergency supply of oil, but most Americans have only a 3-day supply of food.

Spokesman and lobbyist for the Montana Farmers Union, Chris Chistaens, says most Montanans have less than a 3 day supply of food and potable water in their home in the event of an emergency.

Christaens is also concerned that lack of a Farm Bill may lead to massive inflation in food prices. He says if certain aspects currently in the bill are allowed to expire, the price of a gallon of milk could rise to nearly $6.00 per gallon, or a loaf of bread could rise as high as $8.00 a loaf.

Christaens says farm subsidies currently in place actually keep prices lower for consumers, so that the true cost of producing, transporting and marketing food is not reflected in the retail price.

Christaens says he expects the current crop of lame-duck politicians to kick the can down the road for the next Congress to handle.

Montana Farmers Union spokesman Chris Christaens