You may have seen this story in the news recently because it's a pretty major international incident: Jasmine Hartin, the daughter-in-law of UK billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft, has been charged with manslaughter by negligence for the death of police officer Henry Jemmott in Belize.

What you may not have known if you just saw the headline is this local connection to the case - Hartin is actually married to former University of Montana student Andrew Ashcroft. In the years since he attended UM, Ashcroft has made his living in the hospitality business, and currently runs Alai Hotel & Resort, which is located in San Pedro, Belize. Hartin works at the resort as the director of lifestyle and experience.

There's not a ton of info out there on where Ashcroft has been since the death of Officer Jemmott, but his wife was detained on Friday and has been held in a small cell in San Pedro. She has allegedly confessed to accidentally shooting Jemmott with his own gun - she says she was giving him a massage when he asked her to hand over his gun, which went off as she did so. Police are also investigating the theory that the two were playing with his gun under the influence of alcohol. At the time, there appears to be no romantic connection between the two of them.

It's unclear what will happen next - Hartin is potentially facing five years in prison, but it's also possible she could be released on $10,000 bail. As more information becomes available, we'll pass it along to you.

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