We're getting ready to move so I was recently cleaning out an old trunk that I had gotten when I left home in the 90s. The same stuff I originally put in there was still there, buncha dumb stuff that I thought was super important to keep at the time. But, the gems among all of it were my concert stubs from the 80s! I found the ticket from my very first concert, I hadn't seen that in decades, so I was happy to have found it.

You can see the tickets above, along with my Lowell School ID, so you can see how rad my hair was at these concerts, haha. The very first concert I ever attended, in what would turn out to the the kick off to hundreds of concerts, was on July 19th, 1983, I had just turned 8 years old. Loverboy was the headliner at the Harry Adams Fieldhouse (Adams Center now) and the opener was Quiet Riot. We were crowd left/stage right, and I still remember it leaving me speechless, just standing there with saucer eyes and my mouth wide open.

My next show was Corey Hart at Harry Adams, on January 23, 1986, at the height of "Sunglasses At Night." I remember it was a school night, the next day was a Friday at school and I had endless stories to share. Then on October 27th, 1987 I experienced my first show on the main floor, it was REO Speedwagon with Richard Marx, so no mosh pit. I had won the tickets from Z100, I used to win TONS of stuff from them, I was a radio junkie. I don't remember much from that show, but apparently I managed to see Richard Marx twice, because I've also got a stub from September 26, 1989, and I remember two things from that show. Girls crying their eyes out during junior high slow dance song "Right Here Waiting", and, the shock I felt when nobody stood up for the opener Warren Zevon, and furthermore, that no one knew the words to any of his songs. Flippin love Zevon.

Here they are up close, were you at any of these shows?

80s Missoula Concert Ticket Stubs

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