Have you ever had buyers remorse? You know, that feeling you get when you pay for something, and then realize you hate it? It happens all the time. But, you can't have buyers remorse, if you don't pay for it.

A Missoula woman recently purchased a designer chair for her home. Soon after buying it, she realized that the pattern on the chair resembled vaginas. Now, she can't un-see it, and wants it gone.

According to the post in a Missoula FB Marketplace group

Free - Yes, I know they look like vaginas.
One vagina chair for free.

I purchased this chair from Target awhile back. How I didn't see it has vagina designs all over it, I'll never know. But now that they are seen, I can unsee them and the chair has sat covered and rarely used. It has a little scuffing on the front which can be easily cleaned - or if you cover it like I did to hide your shame, no one will notice anyway. And I can't, in good faith, ask someone to pay money for a vagina chair - so my loss is your gain... All for the low low price of free. You just have to pick it up.

Laura Loch/Facebook