Imagine missing one property tax payment and losing your house over it.

A woman in Richland, Mich., near Kalamazoo finds herself in that predicament, WXMI Fox17 reported.

After a bad accident a couple of years ago, Deborah Calley suffered some serious injuries, including bruising on her brain.

Because of that, she was confused and forgetful for a period of time. But Calley says she is not responsible for the missed payment, saying she was not properly notified that a property tax payment had been missed back in 2011.

Even when she paid her taxes in person in 2012, she was still not notified she had an outstanding debt from the previous year.

Because of all this, her home is now scheduled for a public auction and will be sold to the highest bidder unless a judge intervenes.

If the home is auctioned off, as long as it sells for more than the owed taxes, Calley will keep the profits. But she's much more interested in keeping her home instead.

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