There are a lot of things I miss about home, and being gone for a year will definitely make you appreciate all the things you took for granted. The big ones for me to give up were getting to rock out at a concert, or go blow off some steam playing hockey. Don’t get me wrong, I’m bummed about losing my top two things to do, but at least I expected it. The things that snuck up on me were my summer fun activities.


  • Photo by JC
    Photo by JC


    The heat may have gone a bit over the average this year in Missoula, but it is not 100-and-kill-me-now degrees. It was a little windy the other day, but besides the super fine dirt getting in my mouth and eyes, it brought the temp down just enough to hit a more comfortable level. I turned the direction the breeze was coming from and saw this….. DUST STORM AHOY!!!  I'll take Montana fire season over this crap. At least then it smells like campfire and not a poo pond.

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    New Toys

    I heard that we got a new bad ass Blaze-mobile that I can’t play with.  At first I thought, “Meh, we finally fixed the van.” But then I saw pictures from the Halestorm show. I went back to being a 3 year-old whose friend got a new puppy.  Instant pout mode mumbling, “But I wanna play with it!” So I got my own. Granted it probably doesn’t turn as many heads as the real thing, but I did get some odd looks.

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    Summer Tans

    When at home I love to sit out in the sun by the river, cold beer in hand, and soak up the rays.  That’s not really the best thing to do around here, near impossible with the uniform covering everything except my face and hands. ‘Round here we get what I like to call the reverse Mickey Mouse: dark hands and every thing else is white.

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    Floating the River

    Speaking of river sun soaking, I can’t pass over tubing! Taking a few hours outta your day and cooling off by partially submerging yourself in that cool Clark Fork water…  No river here, but we make due.

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    I don’t think I even need to explain this one. But, just for imagery’s sake, imagine getting off a long shift at work, it's hot out, and you know there is that nice ice cold PBR sitting in the fridge beckoning you to relax and take a sip. You open the door and BAM! Illusion shattered… you’re stuck with (insert dramatic music) NON-ALCOHOLIC!!!

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