A few weeks back, I was traumatized by a accident I witnessed on Eastside Highway between Stevensville and Florence. As I was heading North of Eastside, a close friend and fellow motorcyclist, Alonzo passed me with a friendly wave (a.k.a  A Bitterroot salute.) Seconds later I saw a huge mess in the road ahead of me. My first thought was "where is Alonzo?" As it turns out, a south bound truck, hauling a trailer, did not see him and turned in front of him. The wreck was horrific. Our nearly 7 foot friend, lovingly known as Saquatch, laid his Harley down before hitting the trailer at nearly 70 mph. As one of the first people on the scene, I expected to find my friend dead. I rolled him over in the ditch, 50 yards past the crash site, and he looked at me and said "KC HELP ME!" My heart broke! I was glad to know that his brain wasn't scrambled, and he recognized me. But the image of my friend bleeding and begging me for help, will never fade from my memory.

Thankfully, Alonzo was carried away by EMTs and airlifted to Spokane, where he received treatment for multiple broken bones and a broken hip. But, the plane ride and the nearly 2 week stay in intensive care was not cheap. Not to mention the year long recovery that is going to take place from his injuries.

That is why we as Bitterooters are banding together to raise some money for our friend. The Full Moon Saloon in Stevensville is hosting a benefit dinner to raise money for Alonzo and his recovery. For anyone who knows Alonzo, or just fellow Harley riders, I encourage you to bring your bike down the Bitterroot and enjoy some adult beverages and a plate of food.

Wednesday 9/20 from 6:30p - 9:30p @ Full Moon Saloon in Stevensville

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