If you're a superstar sports athlete you can score some pretty cool perks. If you're really good, dare I say even the G.O.A.T, you can have your own town named after you.

First things first. I bleed red and gold. I've been a die-hard San Francisco 49ers fan ever since I could throw a football. So this might be a bit biased, but I think Joe Montana is the greatest quarterback to ever play the game. You can go on and on about Tom Brady and his stats, but football was a different game back then, and I don't think Tom could have done what Joe did at the same time and place. Try as he might, I don't think they will ever name a town "Tom Brady".

Located in very eastern Montana sits the very small town of Ismay (population 20) In 1993 this tiny town was approached by a radio station in Kansas City, Missouri, for a special promotion. At the time Joe Montana had been traded to the Kansas City Chiefs and they wanted Ismay to rename the town "Joe". Yes, Joe Montana. Originally the town was only going to keep the name for one year, but in need of a new community center and fire truck, they saw this as an opportunity.  For three years the small town of "Joe" would have small festivals and fundraisers centered around the name change, and were finally able to purchase a new truck and build themselves a community center.

Canva/Youtube Via NFL
Canva/Youtube Via NFL

A quick Google map search shows the town only has a church, post office, jail, and grain business. Joe Montana has reportedly never even been there. However, they will always have a small place in sports history and a heck of an incredible story.

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