NFL football is BACK! Regardless of the difference this season than the years past. It is nice having somewhat normal routine back in our lives. Obviously lots of people are not physically attending the games in person. That means lots of Americans will be watching games at home. And, those games all deserve a good food pairing. Whether you invite friends over for the game, or just chow down with the family, you want something that will impress your buddies, wife and kids.

We are lucky that we live in a state that has an abundance of game animals.And football season also conveniently falls around our general hunting season. Meaning that any day now, you will find yourself with fresh venison. People in other parts of the country consider venison a delicacy. But, for us, it is part of our diet and is usually brought out for special occasions. Like a BIG game day meal.

If you are lucky enough to have venison (elk, deer, antelope) in your freezer. Bust out some loin steaks and try this recipe at your next tailgate party. It is guaranteed to get a smile from the football fans in your life. It involves everything that is good about a game day meal. Savory bacon, jalapeno heat, delicate meat and CHEESE! Nothing is paired better with an ice cold beer, than the following recipe.

If you are a proud hunter, this is one of those recipes that is guarenteed to make you shoot straighter next time you are out in the field.

Successful Montana Elk Hunts


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