Thanksgiving is right around the corner and gas prices appear to be in a downward trend in most areas. Patrick DeHaan is the head of petroleum analysis at Gas Buddy and he says average gas prices in Montana have fallen about three cents per gallon in the last week.

“They currently stand at an average of about $2.69 per gallon,” DeHaan said. “That is a little bit lower than the $2.72 that we saw a week ago. Prices today are about 19 cents lower per gallon than they were last year. At the same time, the national average has also declined. It fell about 3.5 cents in the last week. The national average is currently at about $2.59 per gallon.”

Missoula average gas prices currently sit at $2.69 per gallon, which is about 20 cents per gallon lower than a year ago. Gas prices declined in 39 separate states this week, but DeHaan says the downward move isn't likely to last forever, especially with the U.S. and China close to a trade deal.

“A lot of what we are seeing in the mild declines is really seasonal in nature,” DeHaan said. “This is something we generally see in the fall through winter. With a potential U.S. and China trade deal, I continue to remind motorists to keep an eye out on that. It does look like a deal might be close, but there is still a lot of flip flop on if this deal will actually finally go through.”

According to DeHaan, a trade deal could cause higher gas prices in the future. For now, it looks like prices will continue to slowly fall as the holiday season approaches.

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