Gas prices in Montana continue to rise significantly and Missoula prices are no different. GasBuddy Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan gives us the numbers.

“Average gas prices have increased about four cents a gallon in the last week,” DeHaan said. “The statewide average is coming in at about $2.54. That is still a little bit lower than what we saw last week. Oil prices in Missoula are a little bit higher right now, prices are right around $2.56. That is right at the statewide average. Prices today are about 24 cents a gallon higher than where they were a month ago when the statewide average stood at about $2.30.”

DeHaan says oil prices are close to $63 a barrel now, which is a $20 jump since Christmas Eve. He predicts that gas prices will increase even more in the coming weeks, but he is hopeful that there will be some relief in June.

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