Dethklok are no more, but in name only, not spirit! The band, based off the animated hit TV series Metalocalypse, has been forced to change their name, but drummer Gene Hoglan has put fans at ease with an update.

The skinsman discussed the name change with Metal Hammer, starting off, "Brendon [Small, Metalocalypse creator, Dethklok frontman) is the guy to speak officially about the future of Dethklok per se, but one thing that I do know is I was down in L.A. doing a few days with Brendon on a new project that happens to be called Galaktikon 2."

Hoglan went on to describe that the album "sure sounds a whole lot like Dethklok and sure has the approach of Dethklok," but that they are unable to use the Dethklok name. The series was canceled by Adult Swim last year after four seasons, meaning Small no longer has ties to the band name. The drummer was unsure what this means for the band's live activities as Dethklok shows had previously featured animated clips of characters from the show.

Dethklok fans truly have nothing to worry about, as the drummer again insisted, "It's not a Dethklok record, but it's a f--king Dethklok record! It sounds exactly like Dethklok, the lyrics are fully Dethklok."

The last Dethklok album to be released was the rock opera The Doomstar Requiem, which served as the soundtrack to the Metalocalypse special. The album's run time, however, is a half hour longer than the program itself. Small also released a solo record in 2012 under the Galaktikon moniker.

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