It's been a minute since we've been able to announce any events. In fact, today at the station, we were remembering that February 3rd is the one year anniversary of when we made the enormous announcement that Guns n' Roses were coming to Missoula. Just remembering it brought us joy, but also made us sad. Well here's some good news, there WILL be a Blaze Birthday Bash. (And, hopefully, that Gn'R make up date actually happens in August.)

We have to do it. We haven't had a party in so long, and the vaccines are rolling in, so the least we can do is make a plan and hope that restrictions continue to be lifted and that people stay healthy.

Here's what we can share with you so far. It's our 21st Birthday. Listeners will argue that the station existed in the 90s, it didn't, but we're honored that you feel we've been with you your whole life, that means a lot. The Blaze actually launched in the spring of 2000.

The Bash will be in April, professionals will be removing their clothes, a number of lucky attendees will get to keep some of those clothes, somebody will win free beer for a year, and we will most certainly be following safety protocols in regard to the pandemic, the health department, and all that happy stuff. There will be a limited number of tickets for the Bash and these will be physical tickets that you can hold in your hand. It's been so long since we held tickets to anything, let's take some joy in feeling tickets together. Weird, but awesome. And, since we're 21, you have to be at least that old to party.

Specific details coming later this month, but you and us are raging this April, count on it. Unless there's a second pandemic, world lockdown, civil war, alien invasion, or the entire earth is sucked into a black hole. All very real possibilities that won't surprise any of us.

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