Missoula County Public Schools are teaming up with My Montana Roots for a fundraiser to help feed the community during, and after, the COVID-19 pandemic. As we reported a few weeks ago, MCPS served more free meals to students in the last week of March, than they did in the entire summer of 2019. Let's make sure kids and families are not going hungry!

Wear Your Roots has designed a "Rooting For Our Future" line of t-shirts, hats & decals that you can order online now. Proceeds will go directly toward supporting food service & delivery costs for Missoula County Public Schools and Missoula Food Bank & Community Center. This is an impactful way for you to Root For Our Future and show your support for the community and help Missoula area youth & their families thrive.

“ We are grateful to our Food and Nutrition services staff for the incredible job they are doing feeding the youth in our community,” commented MCPS Superintendent Rob Watson. “The levels of need for these meals in our community demonstrates just how many families have been impacted by COVID-19 in some way. We are providing in one week the number of meals our district served in the entire summer of 2019. We know that when families come back to school, they are likely to need support with lunch balances carried before the school closures and the ongoing costs of receiving school lunches. This support from our business community is much appreciated to ensure students and families can focus on learning knowing that their most basic need for food security is met.” Rob Watson, MCPS Superintendent 

“This is an incredible community, and the creative and generous ways that so many of our neighbors are coming together to make sure that basic needs are met is heart-lifting in this otherwise strange and stressful time. We are grateful for our deep partnership with MCPS and are thrilled to be a part of this cool My Montana Roots fund drive.” – Aaron Brock, Executive Director, Missoula Food Bank & Community Center 

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