One of the top resolutions for 2018 (and for every year) is to finally get in shape and that usually means joining a local gym, but there are things every prospective gym member should know.

Dan Buchta of the Better Business Bureau offers some important tips for those considering a new gym membership.

“It may be the best time to join, but last year gym memberships were one of the top ten business types that we received complaints about at the Better Business Bureau,” said Buchta. “We received over 90 complaints last year, and it’s usually a dispute over billing or a contract issue. Here are some things to look out for. One is free trials. Gyms almost always offer a free trial to see if the facility is a good fit for you, just be sure you complete the entire trial period before you sign your contract.”

Buchta said potential customers should be absolutely clear about the true cost of the membership.

“Often, gyms give special introductory offers to get you to sign an agreement, but then the price goes up over time and it may become too much for your budget,” he said. “Ask about cancellations, too. Read the contract carefully before signing and figure out what happens if you have to move, you lose your job or the gym goes out of business. In addition, check online reviews, and you can always find reviews on our Better Business Bureau website.”


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