Photo by Natalie Roubitchek/TSM

One downside of being in the radio business is that we don’t really get to see the faces of listeners enjoying our stations. However, that hasn’t stopped us from wanting to know what you folks like. If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve been publishing a series of surveys titled Tell Us Missoula to find out which local services our listeners use the most. These places are just as much a part of our lives as they are of yours, and it interests us greatly to find out which ones you prefer. If you haven’t already, take a moment to answer the various Tell Us Missoula surveys we’ve posted so far. We truly do appreciate your feedback, and there are a lot of points for our VIP clubs in it for you too!

Tell Us Missoula - Where Do You Get Your Oil Changed?

Tell Us Missoula - What is Your Favorite Coffee Shop?

Tell Us Missoula - Where Do You Buy Spring and Summer Sporting Goods?

Tell Us Missoula - Where Do You Get Your Hair Cut?

Tell Us Missoula - Where Do You Most Like to Go for Pizza?