It has been an interesting year for Glacier National Park. After the COVID 19 pandemic started to wind down. A record breaking amount of travelers flocked to the park. But, that created a problem. Not only was the park under staffed, but they couldn't handle the traffic. So they implemented a reservation only policy for those looking to drive the scenic Going to the Sun Road. This of course created quite a stir among visitors to the park.

According to a post from TSM contributor Michelle, Glacier Park received a ton of one-star reviews online:


  • 06/29/2021 - "Park itself is beautiful, ticket system is horrible. Had to sit at a computer 4 days in a row for several hours refreshing the page for a 2$ ticket to pop up. The bulk of the few hundred daily tickets are gone in a few minutes."
  • 06/16/2021 - "Had to fight to get one of the access passes to going to the sun road and they had it closed 13 miles up. Wasted a big part of our trip and couldn’t even see the whole park. Super disappointed."
  • 06/20/2021 - "The "Ticketed Entry" is a total pain in the butt. The site continuously crashed. There was barely anyone in the park at about 2pm, while a line of cars was stuck wanting to enter the park but couldn't because they didn't have the pass." 

Now, it appears that the busiest part of the year is beginning to wind down. Which will allow the park staff to catch their breath a little. As well as open the park up to folks who were unable to make it during the peak summer months.

According to NBC Montana

Glacier National Park is ending its reservation requirement to travel on the Going-to-the-Sun Road after Labor Day. The reservation system has been in place for anyone wanting to travel on the scenic highway since May 28.

Even though Labor Day weekend is the un-official end of summer. You still have plenty of time to go check out GNP, before fall kicks in full gear.


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