What's your idea of some music to help you go to sleep? For the most ardent of headbangers, some mosh-intensive Sepultura and the delicate balance of beauty and brawn from Gojira might suffice... but not for the little ones. The folks over at Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star have done it once again with two more metal-gone-lullaby collections, this time featuring eight cuts apiece from Sepultura and Gojira.

While both albums are listed as "coming soon" on the Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star website, they've teased the releases, sharing a song from each. Above, you can hear how Gojira's Magma track "Stranded" was transformed from a chugging, hypnotic and dissonant track to one that should send any toddler off to sleep by the song's end.

As for Sepultura, who broke ground on their Roots album with lunging riffs, ultra-downtuned guitars and tribal grooves, all traces of ferocity vanish in the lullaby rendition, which you can check out below. If only these were around when Max Cavalera's kids were in diapers. On second thought, he probably just played them some metal anyway!

Check out the full track listing for each album under the video below.

Sepultura, "Roots Bloody Roots" Lullaby Version

Lullaby Versions of Gojira Songs Track Listing

01. "The Gift Of Guilt"
02. "Born In Winter"
03. "Le'Enfant Sauvage"
04. "Oroborus"
05. "The Shooting Star"
06. "Silvera"
07. "Flying Whales"
08. "Stranded"

Lullaby Versions of Sepultura Songs Track Listing

01. "Roots Bloody Roots"
02. "Territory"
03. "Refuse / Resist"
04. "Ratamahatta"
05. "Beneath the Remains"
06. "Dead Embryonic Cells"
07. "Arise"
08. "Attitude"

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