Silicon Valley is looking for help from the Missoula Valley. Google has recently made a commercial for a new app feature. An app that allows disabled people who have trouble speaking. The app uses facial recognition software to allow people to communicate using their eyes. It is called "Look to Speak."

According to Google

With the app, people simply have to look left, right or up to quickly select what they want to say from a list of phrases. Perhaps my favorite feature is the ability to personalize the words and phrases—it lets people share their authentic voice. The eye gaze sensitivity settings can be adjusted, and all of the data is private and never leaves the phone.


This greatly increases the ability of people who are nonverbal or have speech and motor impairments to communicate.

Recently, Google turned to a local Missoula recording studio to help with the commercial. The Vault Recording Studio is a state-of-the-art recording studio in downtown Missoula. Located in the basement of the historic Higgins building.

The Vault Recording Studio cut the audio needed to complete the emotional new Google advertisement.

Though the Vault has only been open for a short time, they have seen many big names come through its doors. Including Oscar Award winner JK Simmons. JK Simmons stopped in to record narration audio for his latest film "National Champions."

Check out the trailer for the film National Champions, featuring UM Alum JK Simmons

The Vault Recording Studio offers studio time for anyone who wants to record. Whether you want a spot to record your podcast. Or cut narration for an upcoming movie or commercial. Email for details.

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